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I purchased my Sears Kenmore Washer/Dryer set in December, 2007 ~ The Washer is an "800 Series", Model No. 110.2884270, Type 111-01, Serial No. CU4440048, Manufacture Date, October 16, 2007, 10:14pm, Lot No. 100.

The purchase price was similar to this breakdown: Reg Price: $629.99 Savings: $94.50 You Pay: $535.49

The Sears Kenmore Dryer I purchased is a "600 Series" and I have not noted any problems or concerns with it. 

After just about 13 months of trouble free service, I came to discover the following (startling) safety problem currently associated with all Sears Kenmore Top Loading Washing Machines: All current Sears Kenmore top loading models lack an out of balance sensor switch and subsequent warning buzzer/alarm, designed to engage when an out of balance load occurs during any operational cycle - thereby shutting the washer machine off, in order to prevent damage to the washing machine and potentially anything else in it's deadly path. 

The way I discovered this was totally haphazard, as recently I was doing large capacity loads of heavy towels and jeans together and the Kenmore 800 Series machine got out of balance during the spin cycle. All of a sudden, I could hear an incredibly loud banging and crashing sound coming from my laundry closet - as I rounded the corner (like superman) in order to pull the timer dial out and/or resort to the electrical plug if need be. Well, I was successful at getting the machine to stop it's deadly cycle by pulling out the timer dial. 

I was quite shaken by the incident

It was one of those moments when I stopped to really think about what had just happened, how it happened, what exactly could cause this to occur, and what could be done to prevent a reoccurrence. It was quite terrifying to witness my relatively "brand new" Kenmore washer, running out of control, with no mechanism to stop it, other than my human hands making contact with it, which could have easily been crushed in the incident, by being pressed between the washer and dryer cabinets, arranged side by side inside the laundry closet, or my feet potentially trampled on, by the wildly gyrating and bouncing washing machine.

I thought back to the 1980's when I purchased my last Kenmore Washer/Dryer pair and how those "80 Series" machines were virtually bulletproof.  I remembered that old 80 Series Kenmore Washer did in fact have an emergency out of balance shut off mechanism and warning buzzer feature. 

I examined the owner's manual and associated product literature that came along with my Sears Kenmore 800 Series Washing Machine and found nothing relative to an emergency shut off sensor for out of balance loads. 

So, on January 30, 2009 I started calling Sears to inquire about the nature of this glaring safety problem and to also complain that I felt totally deceived by the obvious non-disclosure by Sears-Kenmore and their apparent total lack of transparency pertaining to consumer product safety. 

I wanted to tell Sears that I felt totally betrayed by Kenmore Appliances and that in making my final decision pertaining to my (expensive) durable good purchase, I would have really liked to have known in advance, that all new Sears-Kenmore Top Load Washing Machines are built without this vital safety feature.

Before I made my calls to Sears, I performed a simple google search http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=kenmore+800+washer+complaints
and found a host of complaints by loyal Kenmore customers who have been totally alienated by Sears-Kenmore: 

"The (Sears) customer service line has zero accountability." - Sean of Bryn Mawr, PA (12/10/08)

"The mental frustration of trying to explain the anguish a consumer is going through due to lack of a functioning appliance, after several weeks of service run around -  someone who barely speaks or understands American English, going through the blah blah, before you can get a live person who speaks hushed & in gibberish. Sears & what they USED to be has turned to CRAP along with their appliances. If you can't stand behind them by repairing - then replace." - Jacki of Vancouver, WA (11/13/08)

See Complaints Lodged Against Sears-Kenmore Laundry Pairs

I started by calling Sears Customer Service, talked to several technically ignorant flunkies and got hung up on at at least 5 times before I gave up on that method to communicate with Sears. After all, what is your time worth per hour? I know mine is worth way more than having to endure listening to corporate drones, make moronic excuses about important matters pertaining to life, limb and property safety. 

I put in several calls to my local Sears' store hub: 

Ms. Kathy Moran 
Sears District Manager 
1910 Wells Road
Orange Park, FL 32073
(904) 269-8255 Voice
(904) 269-8256 FAX

Ms. Moran, Sears District Manager, Northeast Florida, has altogether ignored each and every one of my numerous attempts to contact her - both by fax and phone.

I shifted to calling Sears' corporate offices in Hoffman Estates, IL and I was then actually targeted by front office operators, who knew I was calling in to complain; so they would see my call coming in on their caller ID - and then they simply transfered me right over into the general Customer Service line, (not even a "Hello" from these "operators") thereby effectively diverting my repeated calls to the executive offices of Sears. I just kept calling on February 2, 2009 ~ calling and calling, while each and every Sears corporate operator who picked up, summarily identified me and diverted my incoming calls into the general customer service pool of incoming calls. It was outrageous behavior to see Sears subordinates handle executive level customer service complaints, intended for the ears of senior Sears management officials, abruptly redirected in this unprofessional manner. 

This was behavior that represented a major heads-up to me, that once I did eventually reach the Sears Ivory Tower, I might in fact, be paying a visit to the devil.

I was hung up on by one female, claiming to be an "executive assistant to the president of Sears" that refused to properly identify herself. This particular Sears "executive employee" was so pompous, she refused to provide me with even her first name or even her employee ID number. She just flat out hung up on me when I pressed her for any personal data. Then on one more series of attempts, I made contact with Paul D. Patterson, #18399, ppatterson@searshc.com of Sears' Round Rock, Texas Division, (512) 248-7700 

Paul D. Patterson finally assigned me a case number: #2454020

Paul D. Patterson #18399 wasted hours of my personal time on the telephone, doing his very level best to lie to me (and doing a really lousy job I might add). Patterson was simply covering up for Sears Holding Corporation, about this glaring Kenmore Washer safety hazard. Paul spent the majority of his telephone time with me arrogantly bragging about his superior knowledge of Customer Service skills and yet at the same time, telling me "how little" Sears could really do for me, since my washing machine was "out of warranty". 

When I asked Patterson who his direct supervisor was, Patterson indicated to me: "I have no supervisor!" which I knew was absolute hogwash! In response, I asked Paul Patterson if he'd ever heard of the "Nordstrom method" of customer service, to which Patterson choked and sputtered. Paul D. Patterson needs to acquire a lot more training in customer service retention skills, before he dares to represent senior management officials at any large corporation. 

I tried to focus Paul Patterson; on how he came to draw a parallel between my safety related complaint against his laundry equipment that likes to do "The Danger Dance" and Sears' warranty provisions. (?) Paul simply flapped his gums right over me, spewing Sears' corporate dogma.

Paul D. Patterson even managed to talk me into an unnecessary service call to my home, scheduled for February 4, 2009 - to the tune of $139.92 - Paul had previously indicated to me on February 2, 2007 that the Sears Service call would be "free of charge to see what is going on with your machine". Well, Paul D. Patterson is a damn liar.

On February 4, 2009 Sears repair arrived. The Sears service technician explained to me that when the washing machine encounters an unbalanced load, the rear legs will sometimes get out of alignment (height adjustment) and this enables the machine to start "walking". (yikes!) The Sears technician also indicated that I was expected to pay the service bill of $139.92 !!!

Of course, I refused to pay the service bill, as the Sears service technician told me that he could not see anything wrong with my machine other than the rear legs being off kilter, as he proceeded to show me how to lean the machine forward, to reset the machine's rear legs and level them out. 

I asked the Sears Service Technician if any of the Kenmore Top Loaders have a out of balance load sensor and auto shut down feature; he indicated no such sensor switch exists and that design was eliminated "years ago" from all Sears-Kenmore Top Loading Washers. 

South Atlantic Coast Distributing
3555-1 St. Johns Bluff Road
Jacksonville, FL 32224
(800) 469-4663
(800) 4MY-HOME

Afterwards, the Sears Service technician contacted his supervisor and later told me he was "ordered to leave" my home by his direct supervision. I immediately called Paul D. Patterson #18399 @ (512) 248-7700. Paul Patterson proceeded to boast to me (Paul was so snide) that Sears would be taking "no action" on my behalf ~ either to refund my purchase price or exchange out my Kenmore Model. Patterson also recanted his original offer of a free service call and revised his previous offer to now include something bizarre about "the trip charge will be covered only, not the service call or the repair of the unit". Patterson was so 'out there' with his unprofessional (really persnickety and supercilious) demeanor and overall lack of technical knowledge, that his various statements and snippy remarks carry no credibility whatsoever. 

I mentioned to Patterson that Maytag's Top Loaders such as the Bravos® - have the safety shutdown override feature I am seeking, and that I confirmed it with Maytag corporate headquarters prior to our conversation and it would be appropriate to trade my unit out for one of those models.

Paul Patterson laughed at me and when I challenged him with disseminating the truth via this website, Patterson even threatened to "sue" me if I published his full name associated with this release of important safety information. Patterson got all pissed off and flustered when I mentioned filing official complaints with state and federal consumer protection agencies, yet he (Patterson) brazenly baited me on and smugly argued with a loyal Sears customer over a safety related issue, as Patterson used terminology like: "you have no warranty" and "your case with Sears is now considered closed!" 

It appears that Paul D. Patterson and the other executive management team members at Sears Holding Corporation have a lot to hide, which is why I have filed an official complaint with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, requesting an investigation.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission
4330 East West Highway
Bethesda, MD 20814
General Information: (301) 504-7923 M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm ET
Fax: (301) 504-0124 and (301) 504-0025
(301) 504-7900 Voice
(301) 504-0121 FAX

Ms. Valery Ceasar
Lead Compliance Officer
(Sent Via FAX)

Dear Ms. Ceasar:

I am requesting that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission begin an investigation into why all Sears-Kenmore Top Load Washers lack an out of balance sensor switch and subsequent warning buzzer/alarm system, designed to engage when an out of balance load occurs during any operational cycle - thereby shutting the washer machine off, in order to prevent damage to the washing machine and potentially anything else in it's destructive path. 

Your immediate attention to this consumer product safety compliance complaint is hereby requested.



cc: Consumers Union, 101 Truman Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10703 
(sent via FAX)

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Sears: Washer that killed OC girl lacked 'lockout'

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